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FMACM 2018SS “闷与狂系列介绍:
FMACM 18SS 通过Slogan、图形设计、色彩对比,来彰显青年人特质与文化张力。当代青年在追求个性和不竭生命力的行为是自我认知的体现,同时也是对社会大众评判标准的触碰和试探。清晰认识这个社会,当代青年群体在创造新的价值体系和审美标准,通过艺术,设计,音乐,运动等方面表现。伴随一代人的成长和科技的进步,亚文化尤其是青年文化,将演变为当代群体的主流文化价值体现。
Sub-cultures are not Counter-cultures
Through slogan, graphic design and color contrast, FMACM 18SS manifests young people's characteristics and cultural tension. Contemporary youths’ behavior of pursuing individuality and inexhaustible vitality is a demonstration of self-cognition, as well as a touch and test of social public judging standards. After a clear understanding of this society, contemporary youth groups are creating new value systems and aesthetic standards, performing through art, design, music, sports and others. With the growth of a generation and the progress of science and technology, subculture, especially youth culture, will evolve into the mainstream cultural values of contemporary groups.­


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