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FMACM 18SS VOL 3-4延续青年群体-审美特质研究方向【文化挪用和二手设计】例如服装设计制作样衣一样,我们最终呈现的产品是设计师本人认为最为合适和正常的状态,无需再修饰和增加结构形成的Normal sample。

我们提取了“normal  sample”概念,FMACM制作的服装和每个消费者对应起来都是一个标签和样品,首先,FMACM是一个社会“观察员”,其次青年群体是被FMACM观察的对象,他们充盈着孤独和高压力,各类容器和胶囊也对应了他们的精神状态和生存现状。

This series continues the research direction of youth groups - aesthetic characteristics -Research direction of aesthetic characteristics [ Cultural Appropriation and Second-hand Design ]For example, like fashion design and making sample clothes, the product we finally present is the most suitable and normal state that is the designer himself thinks, and there is no need to modify and add normal sample formed by the structure.

We extracted the concept of "normal sample". The clothes made by fmacm are a label and a sample while corresponding to each consumer.
Firstly, fmacm is a social "observer". Secondly, the youth group is the object observed by fmacm. They are full of loneliness and lots of pressure, which are also corresponding to their mental state and living status.
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