FMACM 2019 Autumn/Winter “Invisible hand” Collection               

FMACM 2019年秋冬主题——“看不见的手”(经济学用语)当市场通过“伪造幸福感”虚构出对未来憧憬时,FMACM保持双重视野、持续观察和反思。


FMACM Autumn and Wintr Theme in 2019——”Invisible Hand ”, it is an economic terminology.  

In 2019, when there is serious situation for the global economic situation, market resource allocation and state macro - control serve a double purpose. When the market imagines the vision to future by means of “ happiness fake ”, FMACM still keeps double horizon, continuous observation, and reflection.  

As to the totally new autumn and winter series, there are conflicted feeling and fusing feeling coexisted, by they can be exposed layer by layer by means of graphical interpretation, stitching fabric, and remodeling, and other design methods. The clothes with the feelings of sports street and refined formality can be recombined and mixed and matched with the conflict of desires in the old and new eras. The social and cultural prospects in the related of financial crisis are displayed in the clothes directly as the printing elements, which can deliver deep resonance to the sobers in the same era.