FMACM BRAND    创立于2013/12

创始人 /    吴威

闷与狂时装有限公司    成立于2015/04

FMACM BRAND    现归于闷与狂时装有限公司旗下

Director /    Wester wu [吴威]

1992 born / raised in China.HuBei.

2010    HuBei WuHan.

2010 — 2014    Study in HuBei institute of fine arts.

2013/10    "Cutian Cup"Industrial design competition.Silver medal.

2014    Founded the FMACM.

Everyone is the master of his own fortune.

We have been constantly pursuing the highest ideal in life.

It's not a reprerentation.

But a kind of attitude of life.

This is our concept and philosophy.