FMACM 为合成词【本意是传真机和清洁机的含义】。

FMACM认为服装是一种媒介,通过这种媒介让我们与世界沟通和交流。FMACM 致力于追求服装趣味性和独特性,将时装融入到日常服饰设计中,品牌元素来源艺术设计,社会人文,热点文化等方面。让衣服除了保留基本的保暖防寒与美观之外,赋予更多的乐趣和强调,注重面料品质和设计手法多元化。

FMACM is a compound word [ meaning fax machine and cleaner ].

FMACM believes that clothing is a medium through which we communicate with the world. FMACM is committed to the pursuit of interest and uniqueness of clothing, fashion into the daily dress design, brand elements from the art design, social humanities, hot culture and so on. Let clothes in addition to retaining the basic warmth and beauty of cold, give more fun and emphasis on fabric quality and design practices diversity. 


听起来像一句古老的电影台词。好像马拉松冠军站上领奖台的模板回答。然而Christopher McDougall 在TED演讲上提问了“Are we born to run?”他给出了我们天生就会奔跑的答案。然而RUN的形式有很多种。当你迈开了任何形式上的第一步,你会看到无限的可能。

你听到有人称赞索尼公司创始人田昭夫“born to invent”. 你听到Kanye West在歌词里告诉你“I was born to be different”.(Never Let Me Down) 你看过由Chris Heck和Sebastian Linda带领大家周游世界去探寻滑板的本质与精髓的滑板公路影片“Born To Skate”。你看到(可能即将于2016年初在中国解禁的)Facebook上各种各样的主页: Born to sing, born to dance, born to cook, born to break rules, born to beat…你知道,人类无限的可能性。你知道,你也是其中一员。


“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” Article One: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

You see Bruce Springsteen announced “Born To Run” in his 1975’s album. You see thousands of canals that people run through and crossed over. You see the power that human beings were endowed since born. And you are one of them.

Keep explore anything that you are willing to run with your life and keep running anything that you have started running for.  Never say there is no way to run.